Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gothic Lolita Wigs "Muse for a Weekend" contest entry

So I saw a friend post about Gothic Lolita Wigs "Muse for a Weekend" contest on facebook and decided to enter too. The grand prize is a paid trip to Anime Matsuri and a chance to walk along side Misako Aoki in the lolita fashion show!

I'm a very shy person so this was a little nerve-wracking for me to do, but I'm also very excited! Unfortunately I'm not very popular on facebook, I mostly use that for irl friends and family so I'm at a disadvantage for votes. Only the top 25 entries will make it to the next round and voting for round 1 will end on the 22nd of December.

I'd appreciate any extra votes if you like my entry. Here's a direct link to my photo:

You have to like GLW page and then click the arrow icon labeled "vote". Comments are helpful too!

I decided to wear my Misty Sky skirt since that's my most favorited outfit and I did a more elegant coordinate to go OTT for the competition. There are also little silver star gems in my hair and on my face to carry out the night sky theme.

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