Thursday, June 13, 2013

Frill Con 2013 Saturday

Saturday morning started early for me since I got the VIP ticket for Frill Convention. I had to get up extra early since it takes me so long to get ready but I was already awake because I couldn't sleep a wink from all the excitement! OTL Where I'm from we have a small close-knit community of lolitas so this was my first really big lolita event. I was so overwhelmed by all the pretty frills and lolitas! You could tell that everyone put a lot of thought into their coordinates and it was amazing to see irl. The lolitas seemed to brighten up the whole convention center and my even experiences with the non-congoers were all very pleasant.

Outfit Rundown:
Blouse, underskirt: Milky Ange
Bow, skirt, socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline

Anyways, after waking up around 6 am I was finally done a few minutes past 8. I headed to the VIP con suite for breakfast. I thought I was a little late but when I got there it seemed no one was there! I freaked out for a little bit but then ran into a director who called other staff to figure out what was going on. Turns out there were two doors for the suite and they were in the second half hidden around the corner lol.

Breakfast was nice, they had a lot of quick things to eat. There was cereal, fresh fruit, granola parfaits, bagels, milk and juice to choose from. I grabbed a parfait for myself which had strawberries! Yum ^^

I left early to drop off my consignment items and then at 9:00 they let all the VIP shoppers in. It was really cool to see indie brand designs in person and so many lolita accessories! To me the hardest part of pulling together an outfit is finding the right accessories to go with it. It's much easier to spend a lot on a blouse or jsk online but you can't really get a good feel of what accessories match best until you experiment with it all together. I loved seeing all the headdresses and jewelry side by side and knowing off the bat what would go well. I didn't end up buying a lot on Saturday because I was waiting for the fashion show items to go on sale for Sunday but I did end up snagging a cute acrylic melty moon necklace to match my Misty Sky coord. I've been looking for something similar for such a long time that I couldn't pass it up.

After browsing the boutique and dealers room I milled around the artist alley. I must say I was surprised with the quality of all the tables! Usually at an anime convention you see varying degrees of skill level and some are better constructed than others but overall the quality was very high especially on the crafted pieces like head accessories. There were even a lot of elegant items perfect for classic or gothic lolita. And of course there were plenty of sweet accessories and jewelry too. I bought some 4x6 prints to go with my pretty picture frames I purchased a while ago.

  And I commissioned a derpy lolita picture from another table. It's one of my favorite purchases from the weekend. ^^

Delano and Kendall also got a derpy commission!

 There were a few panels that I wanted to attend but were canceled. I ended up taking some photos with the other lolitas instead.

And at this point it was around 2pm and I could go on no longer. I stayed up too late at the pool party and didn't get enough sleep. Even though I was really interested in the next few panels I had to go change out of my skirt because 6 hours straight was too uncomfortable with a few petticoats, bloomers and waistband sitting on the same spot. Normally I'm pretty comfortable but I don't think I've worn that outfit for so long before. I ended up changing into my Frill after Dark outfit since a jsk is less constricting. But I was so tired that after I changed and did my hair and makeup I needed to take a nap. I was too tired to take it all off again so I just slipped off my petticoat and slept sitting up in bed! It was a little ridiculous but it worked, and I got a good laugh with Kristine when she told me how surprised she was to see me sleeping like that. I felt like a little doll hahah...

We stopped by the con suite for some lunch. It was pretty tasty!
Outfit Rundown:
Blouse: Retroscope Fashion
JSK: Innocent World
Shoes: Bodyline

I headed back to the boutique with Kristine and we looked around at the consignment shop. I found this cute  BtSSB headbow that kinda matched my outfit. 

And then after a free drink and appetizers at Frill after Dark they had the band going. Me and Kristine hit the dance floor with all the other lolitas!

Kendall and me in Gothic Lolita

When the band was done they started the fashion show. I brought my camera for that and got some nice shots. Here are all the photos I edited for Saturday night.

Phew! That's it for Saturday, I'll write about Sunday and the teaparty in the next post. Thanks for reading!

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